Staying healthy isn’t all physical. It’s also about your social and emotional wellbeing. In fact, being socially active and engaged in a community tends to help keep people happy, active, and supported. Having a sense of purpose and something to offer to a community helps adults live a fuller, more meaningful life – here are some tips to keep you active, engaged, and connected in your community.

  1. Get Out and About
    Perhaps the most obvious tip on our list, but important nonetheless!

    One good way to stay connected in your community is to look at what activities are available for you to participate in. Community activities can be a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill and keep your mind active, and pursue your interests. Contact your local library, community center, or cultural center to see if there’s anything that interests you.

  2. Get Physical
    Exercise not only alleviates sadness, but it also improves energy and memory. Long walks, short strolls, or adapted fitness programs can keep you healthier longer as you age.

    With your health under control, you can be more active. This makes it easier to have the energy to get out and build new connections. On top of that, fitness programs or sports can be a great way to meet people to build those connections with! BC even has the 55+ BC Games which gives those aged 55+ a chance to compete in sports events.

  3. Volunteer
    Older adults have a wealth of skills, experience, and knowledge to share that creates a positive community spirit and connection. Community groups and organizations are always looking for volunteers. Find something that suites your interests by contacting a local organization or even try being a volunteer grandparent and build a meaningful intergenerational relationship.

  4. Take a Look at your Community
    This may be the most difficult step to making connections. Take a close look at your community, are there social opportunities? Can you walk to shops and services? If your community isn’t age-friendly, it may be time to consider looking into joining a seniors community that will help you with healthy, happy aging.

At Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community, connection and friendship is at the heart of what we do. Opportunities to get out and about are built into our community amenities, architecture, and recreational calendar. With common areas for hobbies, communal theatres, fitness programs, and a robust social calendar, getting out and making connections can happen right outside your door.