Winters can be tough on all of us, especially for those who may not have a lot going on. Maybe you want to connect with others on a deeper level and make new friends? Maybe you’re unable to exercise like you used to because of the colder weather? Moving into a retirement home in Nanaimo could be very beneficial for you if you are a senior! 

Here are some benefits of moving into a Nanaimo retirement home during the winter months:

1. No more snow shovelling if you live in a retirement home

One of the biggest benefits to moving into a Nanaimo retirement home is that you don’t have to worry about shovelling snow or performing various winter maintenance. A member of Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community in Nanaimo will take care of the shovelling so you can rest assured you’re safe to walk outside.

2. Enjoy fresh foods without leaving your house

Guess who won’t have to worry about going shopping to buy fresh foods and ingredients for meals? That’s right, you won’t! The chefs at Lakeside Gardens in Nanaimo will ensure your meals stay nutritious without you having to worry about buying any of the ingredients.

3. Get rid of the winter blues

It may be the weather or the shorter, darker days but Winter blues do exist! Moving into a retirement home in Nanaimo will help combat that by giving you something to look forward to as you prepare to be welcomed into a new environment, surrounded by new faces.

4. Staying physically and mentally active in a retirement home

The winter months can be very unmotivating for many people, and especially for seniors! A benefit of moving into a retirement home is that there are planned recreation activities for you to engage in. There will always be someone you can talk to or something you can participate in to help you stay physically and mentally active. 

5. Protection against health risks in a retirement home

Winters can be dangerous for seniors, especially if they are alone. By moving into a Nanaimo retirement home, there will always be someone who can keep an eye out for you at all times. You won’t have to worry about winter storms, food shortages or even hypothermia.

Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community offers a variety of amenities, services, and recreational activities designed for the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of our residents! For more information on independent and assisted seniors living in Nanaimo contact Lakeside Gardens today and book a tour! Call 250.756.0799 or email