Retirement Homes are great places to experience healthy aging, friendship, and relaxation. Here are our 5 biggest tips on choosing the right Seniors Community for you and your loved one.

1. Choose the right community. 

Not all Retirement Communities are created equal. Some are all-inclusive, with great onsite amenities (like hair salons and coffee shops), housekeeping, personal care help, and daily meals. Others feature more independent living, where you can live a lifestyle similar to that which you lived at home, but with the added reassurance that someone will be there for you should you need help. 

Finding the right Seniors Community is going to be a huge factor when it comes to helping aging loved ones adjust to their new homes. Be sure to do research beforehand, book a tour and visit your prospective homes. Talk to the staff and experience everything that they have to offer. Are you looking for Independent living or assisted living? Make sure the resources are there for your loved ones specific needs. If the Retirement community feels like a warm home to you, chances are it will feel the same way for your loved one!

2. Give your loved one a voice 

Bring your loved one with you when touring a potential new home and fill them in on the information that you’ve gathered about living in a Seniors Community. This helps you make an educated decision and it helps your loved one feel more empowered and a part of the process. It is their home after all!

3. Make their new space feel like home

Surround your loved one with their personal belongings. Moving into a seniors community usually means downsizing, so your loved one may not be able to take everything with them from their old space. Try and get a floor plan for their new home and see what familiar places you can bring into the new home. Limit buying new things. The same recliner, family photos, and a favourite blanket can really make a difference when it comes to making your loved one feel comfortable and at home.

4. Schedule Visits from Family and Friends

One of the biggest fears seniors experience when contemplating a Retirement Community is isolation from their loved ones. While making new friends on-site is a huge benefit of living in a seniors community, maintaining old friendships is also a vital part of healthy aging!

Mobilize your loved one’s friends and family. Try to come up with a schedule that supports steady contact. Not only will this help your loved one adjust to their new space and alleviate stress that they will be abandoned or lonely, it will also help you monitor your loved one’s care. 

5. Acknowledge the difficult parts 

Moving to a Seniors Community is a positive thing. It will help your loved one get access to the care and amenities they need; however your loved one is going to experience a wide range of emotions about moving from their home and starting this new chapter in their life. Be patient and compassionate. Listen to the fears and concerns of your loved one and acknowledge them. This will help them feel less powerless and more open to your thoughts and suggestions. 

Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community in Nanaimo, BC, offers comfortable living and outstanding service for Seniors. Book a tour today to see if we’re the right community for you!