Now that summer is officially here, your senior loved one may be excited to head outside and soak up the sun and warm weather here at Lakeside Gardens. Whether you’re ready to enjoy your time outdoors at the Nanaimo retirement community, or do some outdoor activities with your friends or family members offsite, it’s important for your senior loved one to stay safe. 

Here are 6 summer safety tips for seniors living in a Nanaimo retirement community:

Stay hydrated

The most important thing to do during summer is to make sure your senior loved one is drinking enough fluids and eating their fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated, even if they are not thirsty. Remember that caffeinated and alcoholic beverages should also be minimized as they dehydrate your body. 

Protect your skin and eyes from the sun

Wearing sunscreen should already be part of your senior loved one’s daily routine, but if it’s not then it’s recommended that SPF 15 or higher sunscreen is worn every time they are outside. It is also recommended that they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s UV rays so their eyes don’t get irritated or damaged.

Avoid the outdoors during peak time

During summer, there are certain times throughout the day that are considered peak times where the sun is very strong and can in turn cause your senior loved one to feel fatigued more often and for longer periods of time. If it’s possible, try to avoid or limit your time outdoors between 10 am to 4 pm. 

Wear lighter clothes

By wearing loose-fitting clothing that isn’t too thick or bulky, your senior loved one will stay more comfortable for a longer period of time. If you avoid tight, constricting pieces of clothing, you will avoid constricting your joints and over-producing sweat. Natural fabrics such as cotton are the best to keep you cool. 

Reduce strenuous activities

Although you may be excited to do a bunch of activities outside now that the weather permits it, strenuous activities should not be done for longer periods of time as seniors may feel more exhausted and can also get dehydrated quicker due to the extra energy used. 

Watch for signs of a heat stroke

Knowing the early signs of a heat stroke can save not just the life of your senior loved one, but anyone that you may be around. Signs of a heat stroke are disorientation, confusion, headache, nausea, dry skin, and a rapid pulse. 

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