lakeside gardens happy senior designing their kelowna retirement home

Designing your Nanaimo Retirement Home: Tips for Downsizing, Maximizing Space, and Making it your Own

March 17, 2023

Designing your Nanaimo retirement home can be an exciting and daunting task. There are countless decisions to be made, from choosing the right Nanaimo to deciding on the style of…

lakeside gardens seniors doing yoga for mental emotional well being

How to Maintain Mental and Emotional Well-Being at a Nanaimo Independent or Assisted Living Community

March 3, 2023

As we age, it becomes more important than ever to prioritize our mental health and emotional well-being. Living at a Nanaimo independent or assisted living community can provide a wonderful…

Senior on iPad tablet with dog at VRS retirement home in Nanaimo

Best Social Media and Technology Tips for Seniors to Try at a Retirement Home in Nanaimo

February 17, 2023

When living at Lakeside Gardens, you will always have a lot of fun things to engage in, whether it’s utilizing one of the many amenities you can find on-site, or…

Senior safely walking outside with a walker at a senior independent or assisted living community in Nanaimo

How Senior Independent or Assisted Living Communities in Nanaimo Provide Safety

February 15, 2023

There are a few things that you should never compromise in your life, and your safety should be at the top of that list. As a senior, you don’t want…

the best 3 brain games to play in a retirement community lakeside gardens

The Best 3 Brain Games to Play in a Nanaimo Retirement Community

January 23, 2023

While living at our retirement community in Nanaimo, you will want to ensure that you are staying active in all aspects such as physically, socially, and mentally. While it may…

understanding hand dexterity and how to improve it lakeside gardens

Understanding Hand Dexterity and How to Improve it at a Nanaimo Seniors Housing Community 

January 18, 2023

Studies have shown that after you exceed the age of 50, you will begin to notice that your hands are not as strong as they once used to be when…

seniors enjoying retirement living

Why Retirement living is not just for seniors who need care

December 21, 2022

MYTH: moving into a retirement living community is for seniors who need extra care.  TRUTH: living in a Nanaimo retirement community means support with home maintenance, quality services, daily activities,…

seniors enjoying christmas activities

Indoor Holiday Activities to Do at a Nanaimo Independent or Assisted Living Community

December 13, 2022

If you’ve had a chance to step outside of your Nanaimo independent or assisted living community, you will immediately feel like winter is already here. As spending longer periods of…

Senior Lady Drinking Soup at an Independent or Assisted Living Community in Nanaimo

Benefits of Drinking Soup During Flu Season at a Nanaimo Independent or Assisted Living Community

November 17, 2022

If you are already feeling cold when you step outside of the independent or assisted living community, you might not feel like eating or drinking anything cold. Besides all the…

Inclusive Services at Affordable Seniors Housing in Nanaimo

Why the Elderly are Looking into Affordable Seniors Housing in Nanaimo

November 10, 2022

As we slowly head into the cooler months of the year, you or your senior loved one may be looking into affordable seniors housing in Nanaimo. Depending on your age,…

Senior telling story to son at a retirement home in Nanaimo

4 Ways to Honour Remembrance Day with your Senior Loved One Living at a Retirement Home in Nanaimo

October 24, 2022

On November 11, Remembrance Day, people around Canada and the world take a moment to remember the day that World War One ended and all the lives lost in that…

Seniors playing games at independent or assisted living community in Nanaimo

Why Seniors Choose a move to Independent or Assisted Living Nanaimo during the Fall

October 12, 2022

As the weather slowly starts to get cooler, the idea of moving into an independent or assisted living community at Nanaimo in the Fall, seems to be more and more…

Seniors Eating at an Independent or Assisted Living Community in Nanaimo

Top Signs That You May Be Ready to Move Into an Independent or Assisted Living Seniors Community in Nanaimo

September 28, 2022

As we head into the holiday months, there is joy all around as we get to join in on the festivities and time spent with our family and friends around…

Senior Couple Walking Outside in the Fall at a Retirement Home in Nanaimo

4 Benefits to Moving this Fall to a Retirement Home in Nanaimo

September 21, 2022

Have you been trying to find the perfect time to move into a Nanaimo retirement home? Although there are many factors that can contribute to you arriving at the decision…

Senior with headache pain at an independent or assisted living community in Nanaimo

5 Tips for Managing and Preventing Headaches at an Independent or Assisted Living Community in Nanaimo

August 26, 2022

Have you or your senior loved one been experiencing headaches lately? It is not just you that may be feeling the frequent headaches as studies show that more than half…

Senior Couple Packing Vacation Suitcase at Retirement Home in Nanaimo

How to Plan for your next Vacation as a Senior Living at a Nanaimo Retirement Home

August 24, 2022

Summer is almost slipping away and if you or your senior loved one have not had a chance to travel now that restrictions have eased up, you may want to…

vrs lakeside gardens blog 6 summer safety tups for seniors living in retirement communities

6 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors Living in a Nanaimo Retirement Community

July 21, 2022

Now that summer is officially here, your senior loved one may be excited to head outside and soak up the sun and warm weather here at Lakeside Gardens. Whether you’re…

vrs lakeside gardens blog how to know if independent or assisted living is right for you

How to Know if Independent or Assisted Living in Nanaimo is Right for You?

July 19, 2022

When it comes to deciding if retirement living is the right step for you, it is important to determine whether independent living or assisted living in Nanaimo is better for…

Senior Eating a Meal at Nanaimo Seniors Independent Living Community

A Day in the Life of a Senior at an Independent Living Community in Nanaimo

June 21, 2022

After spending years living with your family or on your own, you might be looking into an independent or assisted living community in Nanaimo. You are probably trying to imagine…

Senior Exercising at Nanaimo Seniors Retirement Community

5 Exercises for Seniors to Perform at a Nanaimo Seniors Retirement Community

June 17, 2022

Balance and strength are important to maintain throughout your life as they help with a wide range of activities, from performing your daily routine to playing a sport or doing…

Seniors Sitting Outside Laughing at Nanaimo VRS Retirement Community

4 Key Questions Answered about Assisted Living at Seniors Housing in Nanaimo

May 24, 2022

If you or your senior loved one have been looking into various senior living options, you may have some questions about the differences between independent or assisted living for seniors.…

Senior Ladies Sitting Outside at Nanaimo VRS Retirement Community

Why Living at a Seniors Retirement Community in Nanaimo May Benefit You

May 19, 2022

Have you been trying to decide if living at a seniors retirement in Nanaimo is the best decision for you or your senior loved one? Knowing the right questions to…

Nanaimo Senior Woman Painting

6 Health Benefits of Recreation for Seniors at Lakeside Gardens Retirement Community

April 13, 2022

Moving into a retirement community has many benefits for you or your senior loved one. Recreational activities organized by the experienced and passionate team at Lakeside Gardens plays an important…

Nanaimo Seniors Playing with Dominoes

3 Reasons Why your Senior Loved one would Prefer Independent Living over Assisted Living in Nanaimo

April 9, 2022

Are you considering a retirement home for yourself or your senior loved one? Maybe you’re debating whether you’d prefer an independent living seniors community such as Lakeside Gardens over an…

Lakeside Gardens retirement community seniors performing stretches and exercises

What Kind of Social Activities Can I Expect while Living at a Retirement Community in Nanaimo?

March 30, 2022

When living at a seniors retirement community, you can always expect Lakeside Gardens recreational coordinators to plan out some activities you can participate in every day of the month. These…

VRS Lakeside Gardens Senior peeling potatoes for cooking in assisted living suite

Aging in Place: What if I Require Assisted Living while Living at Lakeside Gardens?

March 29, 2022

Are you looking for assisted living for yourself or for a senior loved one in Nanaimo? Although Lakeside Gardens is an independent senior living community, there are many benefits to…

VRS Lakeside Gardens portrait of happy senior couple packing cardboard boxes

5 Benefits of Moving into a Nanaimo Retirement Home during Winter

February 28, 2022

Winters can be tough on all of us, especially for those who may not have a lot going on. Maybe you want to connect with others on a deeper level…

VRS Lakeside Gardens senior man visiting disabled woman on wheelchair at nursing home

The Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living for Seniors in Nanaimo

February 25, 2022

Are you trying to figure out if independent living is right for you? Maybe you’re deciding if assisted living is actually better for you? Some seniors fully embrace independent living…

lakeside gardens the benefits of living at seniors housing in nanaimo

The Benefits of Living in Senior Housing in Nanaimo

January 24, 2022

Are you thinking of moving to a seniors housing community in Nanaimo? Maybe you’re still trying to figure out if it’s a good option for you or senior loved one.…

lakeside gardens news 3 tips on making your nanaimo retirement suite feel like home hero

3 Tips on Making your Nanaimo Retirement Suite Feel Like Home

January 20, 2022

We know it may be difficult to transition from living at home to moving to your retirement suite in Nanaimo. Perhaps you were used to being surrounded by family and…

vrs news happy holidays hero

Happy Holidays at VRS Seniors Communities

December 24, 2021

Season’s greetings from your VRS Seniors Communities: Ross Place in Victoria Lakeside Gardens in Nanaimo Sunnyside Manor in South Surrey Pacific Carlton in South Surrey Garneau Hall in Edmonton Orchard…

happy senior couple decorating christmas tree

Engaging Holiday Activities for Seniors Living in Nanaimo

December 21, 2021

The Holidays are the perfect time of year to spend time with family and friends. And spending time with our senior loved ones? It’s essential during the holidays if we…

Loving Active Senior Couple Hugging As They Walk Through Sand Dunes

A Checklist for Retirement Living in Nanaimo

December 16, 2021

Beginning the search for the right Seniors Community in Nanaimo can be overwhelming. Each Community will offer you a different lifestyle, different hospitality services, and different amenities – it can…

vrs lakeside gardens news experiencing new lease on life vrs residents socializingjpg

Experiencing a New Lease on Life at VRS Seniors Communities

December 3, 2021

By Andrew Trinder, Director of Operations, VRS Communities Seniors Living I have spent more than a decade working in seniors communities across BC and Alberta. In this time, I have…

happy senior couple laughing with friends at table

Fun Things to do with Your Senior Loved One at a Seniors Home in Nanaimo!

November 23, 2021

Visiting a loved one or family member is an important way for them to stay connected and for you to show how much you care. Spending time with them will…

happy senior couple on couch

How Respite Living can Help Seniors in Nanaimo Discover if Living in a Retirement Home is Right for Them

November 16, 2021

Making the move to a retirement home can be a big one. The decision to leave your current home behind is big, no matter what age you are! If your…

Happy Senior Couple cuddling under a blanket on the beach

The Mental Health Benefits of Living in a Retirement Home in Nanaimo

October 28, 2021

Mental health is important, no matter what age you are; however, older adults may experience mental health problems as a result of life stressors that are unique to later life…

Happy Senior Man sitting in armchair grinning

How Seniors Housing in Nanaimo can Provide Safety as You Age

October 18, 2021

Life presents more and more risks as you age. Simple things like walking up the stairs of your home, driving or walking to get groceries, or getting out of bed…

Happy Senior Man Smiling

How do I know which type of Seniors Housing in Nanaimo is right for me?

September 22, 2021

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to seniors housing options in Nanaimo. However, when narrowed down there are three main categories of seniors housing: independent living,…

Happy smiling senior couple

How Living in a Nanaimo Seniors Community can Simplify your Retirement

September 13, 2021

When looking forward to retirement, many people see themselves aging at home in the comfort of the status quo. Yet, from a financial and health perspective, aging at home may…

lakeside gardens seniors community news the year that was andrew trinder

The Year that Was – from a Senior Living Operator’s Perspective

August 26, 2021

By Andrew Trinder, Director of Operations, VRS Communities Seniors Living If we turn back the clock to October 2019, we at VRS Communities reached a new phase in our operations.…

Happy, smiling, seniors couple dancing in living room

5 Things to Think About When Transitioning to a Seniors’ Home in Nanaimo

August 24, 2021

Retirement Homes are great places to experience healthy aging, friendship, and relaxation. Here are our 5 biggest tips on choosing the right Seniors Community for you and your loved one.…

Happy Seniors Playing Cards Outside

4 Tips to Help You Stay Connected as You Age

July 28, 2021

Staying healthy isn’t all physical. It’s also about your social and emotional wellbeing. In fact, being socially active and engaged in a community tends to help keep people happy, active,…

Senior Woman Smiling With Book And Coffee

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living in BC?

July 26, 2021

Also called supportive living in Alberta, assisted living offers housing, hospitality services, and personal assistance to seniors who can live independently, but need a little help with daily tasks. Assisted…

happy senior couple laughing and hugging outside

A New Model for Seniors Housing in BC

July 20, 2021

When I was twenty-one years old, I broke my neck in a diving accident and have been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Three years after my accident I was…

Happy senior couple outside with Autumn trees in the background

5 Signs You’re Ready to Look for a Retirement Community

July 13, 2021

Unlike days of olde, retirement communities are no longer institutional settings, but instead provide a level of service more akin to a hotel experience. Looking to leaders in the hospitality…

Smiling elderly woman sitting on couch

Why didn’t I make this move 5 years ago?

July 5, 2021

In my previous life, now feeling like a lifetime ago, I used to operate high end hotels, clubs and resorts. I was happy, I thoroughly enjoyed my chosen career which…

Happy Senior Couple Laughing in the Sunshine

Retirement Living Options: What are the Levels of Senior Care and Which one is Right for You?

June 28, 2021

With more and more Canadians living past the age of 80, the number of senior housing options has grown. It can be confusing and overwhelming for families navigating the vast…

Senior couple sitting together on bench outside

Why do Retirement Homes Cost so Darn Much?

June 24, 2021

With prices for senior living communities ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 a month, it’s important to make an educated choice when picking a potential home for you or a loved…

VRS Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community Home smiling senior residents with dog in garden

“Why didn’t I make this move years ago?”

June 2, 2021

In my previous life, now feeling like a lifetime ago, I used to operate high-end hotels, clubs, and resorts. I was happy, I thoroughly enjoyed my chosen career which started…