Visiting a loved one or family member is an important way for them to stay connected and for you to show how much you care. Spending time with them will not only brighten up their day, but knowing when you’ll be coming for a visit can give them something to look forward to. Luckily for you, visiting a seniors home is FUN. You may not know it yet, but seniors communities are loaded with great things for seniors, and you, to do. When you’re planning your next visit, consider one of these visitor-friendly activities that you can enjoy with your loved one!

1. Enjoy Music Together

A simple, but delightful, way to connect with your loved one in a seniors home, boost both your moods, and have a little fun! When you come to visit, find a way to play their favourite songs and sit and listen together. You might find that it opens up the opportunity to share fond memories you haven’t heard yet!

Music is also an awesome activity if your loved one is ill or has mobility difficulties. Softer music can be calming, comforting, and still something that you do together.

2. Eat a Meal Together

Lakeside Gardens seniors community is open to dining guests! We all enjoy companionship when we eat – in fact, our dining hall is often filled with seniors, sitting and enjoying a meal together – why not join? Sharing a meal is a great way to bond with your older adult. 

If you can’t make it to a meal, why not a snack? Lakeside Gardens has coffee on offer, or you could bring your own and have a little picnic in our garden! Sharing a meal can be a natural way to open up conversation and make a connection.

3. Go for a walk on the Community Grounds

Lakeside Gardens features well-kept grounds and walking paths which are great places to go out and get some fresh air. Instead of just staying in your loved ones room, go outside with them. Take a slow walk, or sit on a park bench and enjoy the outdoors – another great mood booster! If your loved one doesn’t want to go outdoors, going for a walk in our hallways is another great way to get active and share an experience.

4. Bring the Family!

You don’t have to be the only one to visit. Use your visit as a chance for your aging loved one to get connected with more members of the family! Bring the kids or teens, who might feel awkward about visiting on their own, or arrange phone calls or video chats with people who live further away. Have kids bring a puzzle or something they can ‘show and tell’ to your loved one so that they have a way to bond and everyone is engaged.

5. Play a Game

Bring a game along or check out some of the recreation activities on site. Lakeside Gardens seniors community has lots of amenities, come over to play bingo, trivia, or even brain games with your loved one.

6. Take them on an Outing

While Lakeside Gardens seniors community does have planned excursions, going out can still be a treat for someone living in a retirement home – especially if they get to go with someone they love. Lakeside Gardens is conveniently located near downtown Nanaimo, Departure Bay, and Long Lake, so you can pick your older adult up and take them anywhere they’d like to go! Maybe they’d enjoy eating at their favourite restaurant, grabbing ice cream, or a visit with a nearby friend. Just make sure to discuss the plan beforehand, while your loved one may want to go on an outing with you, they may need some help with the preparations.

Your visits can be incredibly supportive to your loved one. The feelings of happiness and connection formed by your visits will stay with your loved one and make a meaningful impact on their well-being. At Lakeside Gardens seniors community, we’ve made sure to implement site specific safety and pandemic plans. Our dedicated visitor system, with screening and temperature checks, ensures that our residents are able to stay safely connected to their loved ones. Contact us today to book a tour at 250.756.0799 or Lakeside Gardens seniors community in Nanaimo is owned and operated by VRS Communities. Learn more about non-profit seniors living at