When looking forward to retirement, many people see themselves aging at home in the comfort of the status quo. Yet, from a financial and health perspective, aging at home may not make the most sense. A house generally requires a lot of maintenance and may not be outfitted with the equipment necessary to keep you healthy as you age – these are burdens you should not have to take with you into retirement. While it’s true that moving from your long-time home and downsizing is an emotional process, changing residence to a retirement community may be a better move. 

Living in a seniors community offers the chance to live more freely while maintaining independence. In fact, your everyday life could be so simple it feels like a vacation! That’s because daily household chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, and laundry are taken care of by someone else and you get to spend your days doing what you love. And to make matters even simpler and better, enjoyable things to fill your time can be found just steps from your front door!

A typical seniors community will provide four things that will simplify your retirement drastically:

1. A Community

When you live in a Seniors Community, you are surrounded by people who are in similar stages of life and provided opportunities to meet and bond with like minded people through social activities. Since loneliness is a huge factor in quality of life, especially for older adults, having people nearby can drastically improve your retirement experience. On top of that, seniors communities usually provide ample opportunities for visits from family and friends so you can host your loved ones easily.

2. Relief from Day to Day Chores

If you’re tired of performing upkeep on your home, planning meals, and cooking – a seniors community is the perfect place for you. Most seniors communities will provide inclusive services like housekeeping, linen cleaning, yard work, building maintenance (including in your individual suite), and dining services – which means you’ll have ample time to take advantage of the additional amenities seniors communities have to offer.’

3. An Active Social Calendar

Everything from the layout to the activities and events offered at a seniors community are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs of seniors. So when it comes to having a social calendar, residents at a seniors community can rest assured that they won’t have to look very far to find senior-friendly activities. Most seniors communities offer access to a robust social calendar with senior-friendly activities right on their doorstep.

4. Ease of Mind When it Comes to Meeting Future Needs

As you age, your needs will change. Perhaps one of the best things a retirement community can do to simplify your retirement is give you the peace of mind that you will be taken care of – whatever your needs. Most retirement homes feature easy access to supportive services and easy transitions from independent to assisted living if your health care needs should change. If you want to learn more about how retirement living could simplify your life, check out our post “5 Signs You’re Ready to Look for a Retirement Community.”

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