Mental health is important, no matter what age you are; however, older adults may experience mental health problems as a result of life stressors that are unique to later life – things like losing the capacity to perform some daily tasks, chronic pain, isolation, and bereavement that can all result in psychological distress for older adults. The truth is, a lot of seniors find themselves alone and lacking in human connection as they struggle to stay social, active, and fulfilled.

Mental illness should not be a normal part of aging and, for a lot of seniors, a retirement home can give them back the connections they need to retire healthy and happily. Here are a few of the perks that living in a retirement home in Nanaimo can have for your mental health.

Feeling like you belong

Having a sense of belonging is important for human beings. Belonging helps to form your social identity, create a feeling of connectedness, and create intrinsic self-value. Without a sense of belonging, it’s easy to feel lost and alone – feelings that are a huge detriment to mental health.

For seniors, one benefit of living in a retirement home community offers up chances for companionship, fun, purpose, and belonging. The friendships that residents experience help them to feel helpful and needed, while the amenities offered by many retirement communities can offer seniors a sense of  purpose through pursuing interests.

Making social connections at your retirement home

Social isolation is a major health risk for seniors. When you live alone or without easy access to social activities, it can be difficult to make and maintain friendships. Seniors communities make sure that social connections are easy to make. Not only do seniors get the daily visits from caring staff, they also are given numerous opportunities to gather with other residents and share common interests. Seniors communities are designed intentionally to foster connections, from meals and special events, to on-site recreational activities.

Lower Stress

Seniors communities provide freedom by minimizing daily responsibilities and chores and making it possible for seniors to live the life they want to. By relieving the stress of daily living, seniors can spend their energy on pursuing their passions. On top of that, most retirement homes feature restaurant style dining and beautiful gardens and walking paths, which all help to reduce stress and positively impact mental health.

Wellness programs available at your retirement home

Physical health is strongly tied to mental health. Senior living communities often offer a variety of senior-specific exercise programs and nutrition programs which help seniors feel better physically and mentally. In addition, on-site health staff can help recognize the symptoms of poor mental and emotional health and work to intervene if necessary. With all these things readily available, it’s less likely for seniors to fall into a routine of social isolation and sedentation.

Retirement homes can positively impact mental health by creating a secure, connected environment where residents feel like they belong, have access to opportunities for socialization, experience less stress, and can easily participate in wellness activities. If you’re looking to retire in Nanaimo, book a tour at Lakeside Gardens Seniors Community today! Contact 250.756.0799 or email to learn more about joining our safe, connected community.